Eco Picnic Rug 2m x 2m - Blossom

Eco Picnic Rug 2m x 2m - Blossom

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Large, Stain Proof, Water & Sand Resistant, Machine Washable & Crafted from 100% Recycled Fabrics.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Every single piece of fabric used to make our gorgeous picnic rugs are created from recycling plastic water bottles.

The stain proof upper, the waterproof bottom, the comfy filling in between and the piping that holds it all together are all eco friendly recycled fabrics.

Saltwater Picnic Co, reduces their carbon footprint by working with supply partners that utilise sustainable energy and offset by planting trees through Ecologi.

Stain Proof & Machine Washable

To create the perfect Picnic Rug we had to start by ensuring that it was going to be totally useable.

Picnics are usually on surfaces that are anything but flat ... and there are usually kids involved.

This means you are definately going to have to deal with a drink spill and/or food mess at some point.

So you can relax more and stress less, we use techniques and materials that make our rugs stain proof and machine washable.

Picnic Rug Specs

Each rug is a large 2m x 2m, made from a single material piece (no joins) and contains a 150gsm filling making it super comfortable to spend as much time as you need hanging with family and friends.

Blossom Design

Our Blossom designed picnic rug creates the perfect contrast to the white sandy beaches that Aussies get to enjoy all year round.

Designed by local Queensland designer Katrina Potter from Little Black Kat Creative, this teal (yes it is most definitely teal, but looks light blue in photos) rug is joined by orange blossoms in black and white to create a stunning design.

From the Artist - "A fun childhood memory was the inspiration behind the design. When I was really little we had a massive orange tree growing in the back yard. The tree would become covered in white flowers every year and when they finally grew into oranges, my older brother and I would pinch a knife from the kitchen (when Mum wasn't looking) and go gorge ourselves on oranges all afternoon. We made such a mess - but it was fun! Whenever I see an orange tree, this memory still pops into my mind."

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